Frequently Asked Questions

How much do cookies cost?

Custom cookies are made up of a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Cookie size averages 3-4 inches depending on chosen design. There is a 1-dozen cookie minimum for cookie orders. Please note each order is customized for your special occasion. The prices below are the base prices and may fluctuate based on multiple factors (details, colors, airbrushing, and special packaging.


Standard size cookies start at $36 per dozen (gluten free $41). This includes 3 designs and up to 3 colors; minimal consistencies, piping and details.


Deluxe cookie designs begin at $48 per dozen (gluten free $53). This includes up to 4 designs and up to 4 colors; multi layers, simple piping, text and detail. (Includes simple logo cookies).


Elaborate cookie designs begin at $60 per dozen (gluten free $65). This includes 4 designs and 5 or more colors, several piped details and and/or consistencies and (Includes some character designs and detailed logo cookies). Some character cookies might have an additional charge.

Cookies can be individually wrapped for $.50 per bag.


What is your payment policy?

An order is placed upon receipt of payment or deposit. Payment for an order of $150 or less must be remitted at the time the order is placed. Larger orders require a $150 deposit at the time the order is placed with the remaining balance due 1 week in advance of delivery. Goods will not be made or delivered without full payment of all deposits and fees in advance. Payments will be accepted via electronic invoice or Venmo (AlexisLM4).


Where are you located?​

Batter and Baked is a home based bakery located in Athens, Ga. We do not currently have a retail location.

How can I pick up my order?

All orders come with complimentary delivery within a 10-mile radius of the Stegman Coliseum in Athens, Ga. If the delivery location is beyond this area, there is a $20 fuel charge plus a 50-cent per mile, one way charge.

How far in advance should an order be place?

It is recommended to give at least two weeks’ notice when placing an order. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Please note 20% surcharge for orders placed less than 3 business days in advance.

Do you ship?

Cookies will be shipped within the state of Georgia via USPS Standard Priority unless otherwise requested. Standard Priority is estimated at 1-3 day delivery per USPS, however, not guaranteed. Orders shipped Standard Priority will NOT BE reimbursed if delivered after estimated date Priority Overnight shipping cost will be reimbursed if delivered after guaranteed date. Batter and Baked, LLC does not ship cakes or cupcakes.


What size cake should I order?

That depends on how many people you want to serve and if you want to have a a slice or two left for you after the party! Check out this serving guide or contact me and we can walk through this together.  

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